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Improved business efficiency

A financially focused organisation was creating a new business operating model and wanted to understand how IT could support this process.  We were engaged to evaluate all existing solutions, how they supported the business and if they were fit for purpose both functionally and technically.  We then established the business need for new/amended IT services after the introduction of the new operating model and defined a set of solutions that would be required.  These were documented within a road map of solutions which were prioritised and structured to ensure any IT dependent solutions were identified.  This allowed the business to understand the impact of the new target operating model in terms of IT cost, resources, and time scales for business supporting solutions.

Defining how IT engages with the business

We were engaged by a very large international organisation with a UK presence to define a brand new model for how the business works engages with IT to deliver projects.  We used a combination of industry standard best practice methodologies to tailor a custom process that was easy to govern and provided the transparency and agility that the business demanded.  IT staff were trained within the new process which they rapidly mastered, and praise was provided by both business and IT stakeholders.  IT had more readily defined delivery stages and clear role responsibilities.  The business had more control over projects in flight and could more assess the impact of portfolio adjustment and prioritise demand.

Securing the organisation


A FTSE 250 organisation wanted to ensure they had adequate IT security throughout their business and so engaged our services to help define the products required and ensure they were implemented as per best practice.  Product needs were established within the areas of virus scanning, email scanning, disk encryption, database encryption, port control, intrusion detection, and data leakage prevention.  We evaluated the proposals during a tender process and worked with the selected vendor to govern and implement the solutions over a multi year period.

Infrastructure cost saving

A large UK organisation held a large number of IT servers upon their premise which were aging and hard to manage.  They had IT staff but IT was not the primary function of the organisation and they were looking at reducing cost.  We worked with them to define an approach whereby a significant portion of servers would be migrated to the cloud over time and therefore eliminate the maintenance overhead and at the same time significantly reduce costs.  Remaining servers would be managed by a 3rd party managed service provider and we made visits to short listed data centers for technical evaluation and final recommendation.

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