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No code application builder

The app builder for business people.  StoreVroom by, makes it possible for just about anyone to create their own applications. Interact with your data in natural and intuitive ways. Find out how using our development platform can lead to reduced costs and increased productivity.


And the best part? No coding required. Really, none at all.

Business to IT alignment

Often we find that the IT department is seen as a drain on the organisation. They hold things back and just do not deliver the things you require in the time you need them.


We can help to define or review the IT strategy and through detailed discussions with your business leaders, produce a long term business prioritised road map of IT products to transform your business.

Solution selection

Choosing the best fit solution for your needs is not easy. Questions often include: What skills do our staff need? Should it be cloud based? Does it work with our desktop/laptop/tablets? What browser does it need? How can we share data rather than keep duplicating it? Is it secure? What happens if it goes wrong?


We can work with you to recommend the best product to meet your requirements and provide technical assurance during implementation to alleviate your concerns.

Corporate governance

of IT

Are your projects always delivered on time, to budget, and you have great communication with IT leadership throughout?


Thought not.  See how we can help improve your IT governance through the delivery methodology of your choice, whether that be waterfall, agile or a mix of the two.  We have staff who are qualified in ISO 38500 (Corporate governance of IT), TOGAF, Prince2, CGEIT, and ITIL to ensure best practice is the guide but implemented with the pragmatism you require.

Contract review & negotiation

When buying a new IT service you always run the contract pass the legal team, but do they have expertise within the field of IT contracts? How can you be sure that you will obtain the level of support from the vendor you need for your business? Are the service level agreements appropriate for your needs? What rights do you have if the performance isn't up to scratch or your data falls into the wrong hands?


We can negotiate and review IT contracts on your behalf and advise upon additional IT clauses you may require to fulfill your needs. Your legal team can then complete the deal.

IT service stability

Do you have an aging IT service that is always causing support problems and just always seems to fail?


Based upon our experience we can perform an objective review of the service and produce a report of recommendations. These may include infrastructure upgrades, component replacement, configuration changes, and potentially even service replacement with a shortlist of possible options.

Custom development

If you have a very specific need and there isn't a product on the market that will meet the need, then we can develop this for you.


Our staff have many years of experience within software development across multiple languages including Microsoft .NET and Java. We have produced highly scalable, secure and performant solutions that are easy to maintain and are thoroughly tested.


Examples include: Sales & purchase order processing, data integration, Taxi management, accounting, and stock control.


We have produced products for Unix, Windows, industrial, mobile platforms, and more.

Regulatory compliance

Particularly in the wake of the banking crisis, regulations upon industries are becoming more prevalent.  How can you be sure you or your key suppliers comply with key measures including:

Data protection act which will transition to the stricter GDPR in 2018

PCI DSS for those that take or process payment details

Sarbanes-Oxley for those listed upon the US stock exchange

Non compliance within these areas can lead to heavy penalties and/or lost of business reputation.

We have trained auditors upon our staff who have experience in examining conformance within these areas and providing recommendations for compliance.

Information security

Are you 100% confident that all of your intellectual property and customer data are safe?

Whether you store information on-site, in the cloud, or a mixture of the two, cyber criminals are looking to exploit any potential weaknesses.

We can perform a confidential security review of your systems or those of your suppliers to provide that additional piece of mind that you will not be the next news headline.  

We are experienced in conducting data center reviews and conformance for ISO 27001 (Information security management).


We can examine business assets including laptops, mobiles & servers.  The review can include how data is shared with 3rd parties and integrated between systems including encryption techniques. 


Recommendations will be made upon the agreed risk profile.

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